Topshelf Fitness Provides Extra Benefits

Tom Trilivas was looking for home gym equipment when he accidentally started a new business.

A kitchen cabinet designer and craftsman, Trilivas has an extensive history of owning businesses. He has been a chef and owned a grill franchise along with other businesses. But he is also a professional body builder and was looking for a way to work out on his crazy schedule.

He was set to buy a piece of equipment advertised on Craig’s List when the seller said he was selling his entire gym. So Trilivas got a few trucks and found a commercial building to lease. In about two days, he had Topshelf Fitness ready to go. Although open since November 2017, Trilivas held an official opening on Saturday, June 23.

Liana Martinez and Tom Trilivas in the weight room. (Photo: Jane Primerano)

Topshelf is available to members whenever they want to come. A side door in the building on Edison Road in Lake Hopatcong is fitted with a key card mechanism. Members can slide their cards and have access to the weight room, cardio training, and locker rooms at any time.

“I don’t know if I could do it in just any town,” Trilivas said, noting that the atmosphere in Jefferson is friendly and trusting. “People don’t even lock their lockers.” He does have a closed circuit camera system that he can access from his smart phone, and his contact information is posted at the gym in case of emergency.

The gym offers advantages in addition to the hours. Trilivas is an owner-operator who can fix equipment as soon as there is a problem. Also, he does not lock members into long-term contracts. “Other gyms tie people in. I’d rather give them the option to roll over their membership monthly.”

His girlfriend, Liana Martinez, is a certified personal trainer. During the grand opening, she distributed free samples of some fitness and nutrition products sold at the gym, and representatives of their vendors were present. A local doughnut shop donated snacks, and Trilivas cooked some healthier options.

The fitness center is located at 154 Edison Road, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey 07849. They can be contacted by calling 973-601-7006.

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