The 6th annual Clash of the Coaches game took place on March 23 in the high school gym. The fundraiser, sponsored by the Jefferson Basketball Association (JBA), benefits local families. This year’s event was for the family of Jay Cuervo, who was an active member of the Jefferson sports and volunteer community before his recent passing.

The Clash, organized by JBA treasurer Dana Pugliano, included a tricky tray, basket shooting competitions, concession sales, and the game itself. All food, T-shirts, prizes, and time were donated in an effort to increase the fund.

The JBA is an all-volunteer labor of love. It involves 600 children from kindergarten through high school and offers travel teams.

The game itself was filled with fast-paced action. The Red team was in the lead for the first three quarters, and then things quickly changed. At 9 minutes to go, the White team tied the score, and at 4 minutes to go, the White team took the lead. The final score was White team 78, Red team 73.

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