If you are the type of person who loves mobile apps, texting and getting email on your phone, then you are in for a treat: accounting has finally come around to your smartphone. Here are a couple of great developments you can try so you can stay on top of your numbers.

Accounting Apps

For users of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, an app is available to help you stay on top of your accounts receivables. You can send invoices, view and update customer information, mark an invoice paid and check up on customers’ balances. These apps work on the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Bank Apps

If you’re banking with a major bank, chances are “there’s an app for that.” Downloading your banking mobile app will allow you to stay on top of balances, receive alerts and manage your cash flow more effectively.

Payment Apps

More and more businesses are collecting customer payments via smartphones. You don’t need a merchant account for some of these payment apps, like Square, PayPal or Intuit Mobile GoPayment, but it is cheaper if you do. If you’re not already taking credit cards, it is an effective way to get started; your customers can pay via Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

With many payment apps, you download the app, receive a reader in the mail and are then able to swipe or key in a client’s credit card information. You are charged by the transaction, or monthly, if you sign up for a merchant account. Plus, you can often customize the receipts the client receives with your logo to make them look professional.

Add-on Apps

There are many other mobile apps that can increase your accounting capabilities. Both ADP and Paychex have payroll apps for their clients. There are numerous apps to extend many of your accounting functions, such as expense management, document management, invoicing, time-tracking, bill payment and even work order management.

Accounting to Go

Now you have a choice with your accounting: you can “eat here” or take it “to go.” If Kipp’s Books can help get you equipped as an accounting road warrior, give me a shout.

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