Boy Scout Troop 49 attended Sabattis Adventure Camp in Long Lake, NY, for a week in mid-July.  Sabattis Adventure Camp is one a few camps remaining in the United States where scouts prepare their own food, which improves their ability to work as a team to accomplish challenging tasks.

Troop 49 participated in whitewater rafting, climbing and rapelling on a climbing tower and rock face, mountain biking on remote trails, morning swimming every morning, campfires, a water carnival, woodsmen games, and several merit badges.  They also worked on multiple camp improvement projects.
Sabattis Adventure Camp prepares scouts to participate in more advanced trips as they get older, including backpacking and canoeing on multi-night treks.
Interested male aged 11-17 are welcome to join Troop 49 any Tuesday at the American Legion Post #423 for our troop meeting.  Please contact Greg Bubniak at, for more information.

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