Jefferson Boy Scout troops 49 from Milton and 111 from Lake Hopatcong attended a medieval-themed district camporee the weekend of October 12-14 at the Round Valley Youth Center in Lebanon.

The boys constructed catapults using only wood and ropes. Employing their skills in tying lashings to secure the wood pieces together, they created devices to launch pumpkins at targets and were judged for distance and accuracy.

Troop 111, Patrol 2 (left) – Kiko Mina, Aaron Dworak, Zackary Fudernanan, Satyam Patel; Patrol 1 (right) – Chet Corney, Adam Hahn, Jake Melick, Max Russell, Dillon Lee. (Photo provided by Ryan Russell)
Troop 111, Patrol 1 (left to right) – Dillon Lee, Jake Melick, Max Russell, Chet Corney, Adam Hahn. (Photo provided by Ryan Russell)

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