The Dawg Vacation House of NJ

The Dawg Vacation House of NJ
The Dawg Vacation House of NJ
We have over 50 years of experience of owning and caring for dogs. You and your pet will really love all of our unique services that we provide because we truly care for your pet like you do!

We have over 50 years of experience of owning and caring for dogs. Besides dogs we have owned and handled cats, turtles, rabbits, chickens, pheasants, snakes and horses. We have attended and received specialized training for working with dogs and have had experience working on a farm with hands on work caring for many animals.

We will always work our hardest to accommodate you and your pets’ needs. Our services are for all ages, sizes, and breeds; from puppies to seniors, and from small to giant. With over 60 clients taken care of and our many years of experience; you can rest assured that your pet will love their stay at The Dawg Vacation House of NJ.

We have many tail-wagging return customers! We are comfortable and capable of administering medicine if needed. Also; if there is any medical problem; there is a vet’s office and animal hospital less than 1 mile away from our location. You can trust us with any dog; we are dog lovers and have taken care of most breeds of dogs.
We run our pet business out of our house.

Unlike most kennels, we DO NOT keep your dog in a cage with little space for exercise and will give each pet individual care.

In fact; just like at your house we give your pet full run of the house and let them sleep where you would. Also, we provide private park like ground for fun activities and lots of love.

Here at The Dawg Vacation House,we always offer caring and affordable overnight pet care that is perfect for families and their pets in any situation because we love your pet like you do!

Ever have a change of schedule at work, or a flight departure time change?

Don’t worry The Dawg Vacation House of NJ can handle it. We offer a unique service that most kennels do not…Pick-up and Drop-off.

We have traveled to pick up or drop off pets for our clients when necessary.

Last minute plan changes are acceptable.

We are willing to travel round trip to pick up & drop off a client’s pet whenever requested

Our location is hard to find but, once here your pet will experience paradise!

PLEASE CALL 973-796-6073 for directions to our location and to set a meet and greet so we can learn more about you pet(s) needs.

219 Oak Ridge Rd
Oak Ridge NJ 07438

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The Dawg Vacation House of NJ