Bee You Yoga & Wellness

Bee You Yoga & Wellness
Bee You Yoga & Wellness
Donation based yoga & meditation for everyone! We aim to provide a safe nurturing environment free from judgement where people can come to find their path to optimal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. We do this through the physical practice of yoga; bodywork therapies; breath work and breathing exercises; meditation techniques; and community programs. Regardless of where in their life journey one currently find themselves, or what challenges one is facing, Bee You Yoga and Wellness will provide a caring environment for growth. At Bee You Yoga and Wellness we believe that optimal wellness is a recipe that is unique to every individual. We help each person find their own recipe for wellness from the many ingredients available.
We also strive to provide a community where those who are financially able can contribute to assist those less fortunate. Learn about our hive & karma memberships.

Holistic Health
We base our methods on looking at the Koshic view of the human being. Treating health issues in all 5 layers of a person for a more holistic approach to optimal whole body, mind, spirit and emotional well-being. People are often intimidated by yoga phrases and terminology, but it is quite simple. The five Kosha’s are just one way of breaking down the layers of a person. Breaking the layers down in this way can be an effective tool in locating problems that need to be addressed to find optimal well-being. Bee You Yoga and Wellness seeks to help a person journey through the layers of the self in a safe and supportive environment so that people can follow their path to bringing these layers into balance.

Whole body wellness services include massage, myofascial release therapy, reiki, PSYCH-K, Yoga for recovery, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Athletes, Kids Mindfulness Play Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Weight Loss, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, BFFs yoga parties, Donation Based Community Events

3 Middlebury Blvd,
Randolph, NJ 07869
In Aspen Business park
Enter through rock climbing and come upstairs.

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Bee You Yoga & Wellness