“Spotlight: Morris County” Offers an Insider’s View of the Area’s Community College

The Alex DeCroce Media Center at County College of Morris (CCM) is now airing a new series of programs titled “Spotlight: Morris County” on Morris Educational Television (METV). Each 30-minute episode is aired on METV Channels 40 and 77 three times on Mondays – 9 a.m., 3 p.m., and 9 p.m.

Julian Costa, adjunct professor of business and communication, designed the program to provide students with a realistic experience in television production. “One of the goals of this program is to help our students build their resumes and portfolios with content that can help them prepare for their careers,” he said. “We also encourage students with different career interests, who are just curious about how television is produced, to participate.”

Production of “Spotlight: Morris County” began in January of this year, and one episode has been filmed each week since. Each features an interview with a CCM faculty member, administrator, or student. Many episodes also include performances by local musicians.

Costa, who is executive producer of the series, noted that the production is an entirely voluntary service. “Nobody is paid for their time working on the show, yet many of the same student crew members come back week after week.”

Among the students participating is Brenda Todd, a sophomore from Randolph majoring in broadcasting arts and technology. “This show is all about focusing on the people that are making good things happen in our CCM community,” she said. “The incredible support from President Anthony J. Iacono and the faculty at CCM has been invaluable and has helped to make this a labor of love for everyone involved. We are learning so much about what it takes to create an actual TV show,” Todd added.

Other crew members include Daniil Barkov from East Hanover, a sophomore majoring in business administration; Stephanie Berek, a freshman from Mount Olive; Jonathan Morales, a sophomore from Long Valley dual-majoring in biology and broadcasting arts and technology; Daniel Perez, a sophomore from Dover majoring in broadcasting arts and technology; and Matthew Romano, a sophomore from West Milford majoring in broadcasting arts and technology. Production support is provided by Joe Schilp and Dan Cleary, who run the Media Center.

“It is a joy to work on this show each week,” said Costa. “What makes it even more special is how committed the students are to making an excellent, professional quality show.”

For more information on “Spotlight: Morris County,” contact Costa by emailing jcosta@ccm.edu or by calling the Alex DeCroce Media Center at 973-328-5288.

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