Cub Scout Pack 49 of Milton participates in the The Pinewood Derby racing event annually. Theirs was held on Saturday, December 9th at Cozy Lake Elementary School.  Each scout, with the help of their parents built a wooden car from an official BSA kit. The kit includes a block of pine, plastic wheels and metal axles. There are requirements for height, length and weight of the car. On the Friday night prior, the boys had to submit their cars and make sure they fit the criteria, if they don’t they can fix it and return during the weigh in process. If it doesn’t fit the criteria, the car can be disqualified.
The pinewood race cars, pictured. (Photo provided by Christine Orna)
Each age group races against their peers, since there are four lanes on the tracks each car must race once on each lane to keep it fair. The average speed of all heats are calculated and the top three in each age group receive a trophy. Trophies are also given to the most original car and best looking car. There is also a race for siblings, they are in a separate race and trophies are given to the siblings as well. This is a family event, and a lot of fun for the scouts.
Pictured from the left to right; Scotty Hitchuk 2nd place bears, Gus McDonald 3rd place bears, Jimmy Connoly 1st place bears and best looking car bears, Eddie Orna most original car bears, (front) Kevin Connoly 1st place sibling race. (Photos provided by Christine Orna)