Friday, January 10 saw the seventh Annual Dunk for Disabilities take place in the Jefferson Township High School Freedom Gym. The evening included two games played by the girls varsity team vs. Mendham and the boys varsity team vs. Mountain Lakes.

In addition to nail-biting and action-packed basketball games, the evening also included many fundraising efforts to raise funds for the Department for Persons with Disabilities (DPD), a Catholic Charities Organization with direct ties to the Jefferson Township student and community.

The highlight of the night was a $10,000 Progressive Shot Challenge. Four people were chosen at random to complete a layup, free-throw, three-pointer and a half-court shot in under 30 seconds. The challenge was sponsored by Portofino’s in Jefferson and Milano’s in Vernon. The last winner was in 2018, Jefferson Township’s own Justin Brennan. His bragging rights remain, as no one won this year’s challenge. The feature will return next year.

The games ended in victory for both of the JTHS Falcon’s teams, and the DPD raised approximately $3,000.


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