We love hearing from you. After all, if if wasn’t for you, our beloved Jefferson Township community, we wouldn’t have the Chronicle. There’s just so much going on around here. From church events to concerts and plays and sports…it seems no one in Jefferson can hide their Falcon pride.

And we want to know all about it, all of it. The problem is, we can’t be everywhere all the time. Every so often, we need to eat, sleep..you know, life’s little necessities. That’s where you come in!

Please send us information about anything you have going on around town. Is your church doing a fundraiser? A car wash for the soccer team? Girl scouts visited the police station? Send us your photos and a short story, and we’ll be happy to post your information. We also have a community calendar, so that you can post your events before they happen. (Too add your events to our calendar, go here and click Post Your Event.) Everyone should know about all the cool stuff going on in town.

Send your information to us at newsroom@thejeffersonchronicle.com and we’ll handle it from there!