If you weren’t sick when you went in, you might be when you came out of the Jefferson Recreation Department’s 2019 Haunted House, which capped off the day's fall festival (click here for photos) This year’s theme – “Escape from Lakeside Hospital” delivered an evening of screams, laughs, and more screams.

Attendees were treated as patients at the hospital. They were greeted by doctors, nurses, and other beings as they waited in line to enter the haunted “hospital.” Upon entering the first building, they were given a wrist band and sent to the waiting room, where there were more doctors and nurses to greet/scare them. The waiting room was complete with chairs, magazines (The Jefferson Chronicle’s own DIGEST) as well as a tv with the news reporting on an illness that had overtaken Jefferson Township.

After entering the hospital attendees held a rope and were led by a nurse through the labyrinth of scares. Some areas were so dark you could not see right in front of you.

Those who survived the haunted house, could take a haunted hayride through the grounds of Camp Jefferson where there were another host of terrifying scenes awaited.


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