The Falcons runners went to the Morris County Championships ready to make history. And they did just that.

For the girls, it was Ashley Struck leading the way in the girls 300-meter, as she crossed the finish line with a 41.08 time winning the race and winning much more. With her record time, Struck beat the next closest runner by nearly one whole second. She also shattered the previous 300-meter time in school history, breaking yet another record for her Jefferson resume. With that Struck also moved into second on the all-time county 300 meter race list.

Owen Cheevers led the boys. Although he did not secure a win, Cheevers also broke a school record during his run. His 2:44.24 time broke the schools 1000-meter record by a slim yet wholesome margin. In what is an extremely tough event, Cheevers placed 12th, however the record says a lot for the Falcon runner.

Cheevers and Struck led the way for the Falcons at the 2020 county championships. With the season and their senior years winding down, the two runners have already left their milestone in J-Town with time to make more history.

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