The Jefferson Arts Committee (JAC) has announced its Student Artists of the Month awards for February. Committee chair Jason Nicholas informed The Jefferson Chronicle that the following students were chosen by their art teachers to be recognized for outstanding work on a class art project:

  • Damion Smith – Ellen T. Briggs School
  • Casey Cannon – Arthur Stanlick School
  • Kayla Carson and Lauren Pennino – Cozy Lake School
  • Eric Garv, Paige Recannati, and Geraldine Villalobos – Middle School
  • Anthony Argondizzo and Laura Ramirez-Noel – High School

The JAC’s Student Artists of the Month program was conceived by former President Jack Kelly more than a decade ago to recognize the community’s talented students. The art teachers from township schools choose one or two outstanding pieces of artwork on a monthly basis and submit them to the JAC. The art is displayed for one month at the Jefferson Township Public Library. The student artists, their families, and friends are invited to that month’s awards presentation, where each student is recognized with a certificate and a medal for outstanding achievement.

Each June, all the artwork that was recognized over a seven-month period is displayed in the Jefferson Township High School Library/Media Center. A reception is held for that school year’s student artists, their families, and friends. The JAC hosts a guest artist to exhibit his or her personal work and speak to the children about art as a career or hobby. The district’s art teachers are also invited to attend, and many display their own work. Refreshments are provided.

The Jefferson Arts Committee thanks the following art teachers for their participation in the program: Jennifer Tamayne-Hettema (Cozy Lake, Milton, and White Rock Elementary Schools), Karen Frelinghuysen (Ellen T. Briggs and Arthur Stanlick Elementary Schools), Denise Morando (Middle School), and Karen Correia, David DeVries, and Renee Simler (High School).

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