Jefferson Township’s Fire Company #2 held its 67th annual installation of new line officers at Casa Bianca in Oak Ridge on Saturday, February 1. The elegant semi-formal affair also featured service awards for company members.

Travis Luecht, master of ceremonies, started the program with the Pledge of Allegiance and a remembrance of deceased members. Mayor Eric Wilsusen had the honor of swearing in the new line officers for 2020: chief Lou Loiacono, assistant chief Tom Jardines, second lieutenant Scott Jenkins, and engineer Barry Brown.

Administrative officers were introduced and special recognition was given to past chiefs, life members, visiting chiefs, and guests. The Ladies Auxiliary presented a gift of $2,500.

Awards were given to the following members.

  • Past chief: Robert Kinsey, Jr
  • 5 years of service:  Jon Lanier and John Malley Jr.
  • 10 years of service: Bill Carroll
  • 15 years of service: Travis Luecht
  • 20 years of service: Tom Jardines John Tovo
  • 30 years of service: Craig Lambert
  • Life members: Dave Cascone and Brian Shatzel
  • MVP: Bob Janeczko
  • Ladies Auxiliary Life members: Elaine Dombrowski, Lynn Gonzalez and Jen Patrick

Following the ceremonies, guests enjoyed dinner and dancing.

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