For What It’s Worth: Remember When?

Remember your first assignment every year in grammar school, was to pick up a fallen maple leave and trace and color it? Now, when 50,000 leaves fall in your yard it takes a day to rake or blow them into a pile, put them in a bag and then repeat the process when your neighbors leaves fall in your yard. Now you don’t even have the time to put them in a pile so you can jump in them; and if you don’t pick them up fast enough you see your house number in the Thumbs Down section of your local paper saying you are ruining the whole neighborhood?

Remember when Thanksgiving was just about family, good food, football and watching your father and uncles fall asleep in front of the TV set? Now it’s the starting shot to begin the Christmas shopping season. The stores open at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day to start Black Friday and Mom and Aunt Mary are on the PC ordering gifts from Amazon between the main meal and dessert.

Remember when you would take walks in the snow and you could hear the crunch of it under you boots? Remember snow ball fights? Now you have to get up an hour earlier so you can shovel or blow the 25 inches that just fell in your driveway so you can drive in it to the job you hate!

Remember when you would put up a live Christmas tree the week before Christmas and put on the same Christmas balls that were given to your parents from your grandparents? You would adjust the ornaments and replace the light bulbs that kept going out up until Christmas Eve when everything was
finally perfect. Now you pull out you QVC tree, that has a 1000 lights on it already, out of a body bag and pop it up like an umbrella. You put on 300 Hallmark ornaments, most that have nothing to do with Christmas. Hallmark has no balls, but can sell you the head of Darth Vader.

Remember when you ran down the stairs on Christmas morning to see your new Schwinn bike, Lionel train set, the Rifleman’s rifle, an Easy Bake Oven or Chatty Kathy doll? And the best thing was to get dressed for church with your Mom and Dad? Now it’s opening everything on Christmas Eve, get a new XBOX with Grand Theft Auto 12, an iPhone or iPad (whatever happened to Legos). Then you get up late on Christmas morning, wonder if there are more gifts hidden in the closet and church is nowhere on the radar.

Have a great fall and winter seasons and remember to remember when.

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