The Jefferson Arts Committee (JAC) would like to thank all those who participated in its first virtual Gingerbread House Contest.

For many years, the contest was held each year in conjunction with the JAC’s annual Christmas in the Village event; and the creations were on display at the Milton United Methodist Church.  However, with the cancelation of the 15th annual event due to Covid19 restrictions relating to large gatherings, in an effort to continue the tradition, the decision was made to move to a virtual event where photographs of the entries were submitted for judging.

The 22 entries received were either created using homemade gingerbread or created from a store-bought kit.  The creations were unique and creative; and judging was based on use of different edible materials, creativity, originality, and following the Home for Christmas theme.

The results are as follows:

Age Category 4-to-5-year olds 

1st place kit                            Vinny Hecker

1st place homemade            Dahlia Williams

2nd place kit                           Nathan Bassin

3rd place kit                            Collin Lyons

Age Category 6-to-8 year olds  

1st place kit                            Cliodhna Smith

1st place homemade            Daniella Williams

1st place homemade            Sebastian Sullivan

2nd place kit                           Joey Hecker

3rd place kit                            Andras Varga-Joo

Honorable Mention              Abigail McCormick

Honorable Mention              Braydon Ridner

Honorable Mention              David Varga-Joo

 Age Category 9-to-12 year olds 

1st place kit                            Anastasia Nakev

2nd place kit                           James & Zachary Hatley

2nd place kit                           Timothy Nakev

3rd place kit                            Ava Papageorge

3rd place kit                            Matthew Wettstein

 Age Category 13-to-16 year olds 

1st place kit                            Cailey Anne McMahon

 Age Category 17 year olds to adults 

1st place kit                            Shaelynn Coppola

1st place homemade            Jessica Williams

2nd place kit                           Joyce Barton & Family

3rd place kit                            Ottilia Varga-Joo

Each first, second, and third place participant will receive a medal, and honorable mention participants will receive a ribbon.  A photograph of each and every entry will be displayed in the Jefferson Township Public Library for visitors to admire and perhaps inspire for future gingerbread house contests.

Cliodhna Smith. (Photo courtesy of Jefferson Arts Committee)
Dahlia Williams (Photo courtesy of Jefferson Arts Committee)
Vinny Heckler (Photo courtesy of Jefferson Arts Committee)
Daniella Williams (Photo courtesy of Jefferson Arts Committee)

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