Christopher Hiben, the K-12 Supervisor of Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and the Gifted and Talented Program, along with Dr. Nancy Fitzgerald, an honors instructor at the Academy for Environmental Science, spoke about the district’s new, grant-funded augmented reality sandbox at the Board of Education meeting on October 28.

The technology has already been implemented in lessons on topography, water sheds, and flood plains. Fitzgerald explained that the virtual sandbox is great for hands-on formative assessments and creating real-world applications.

Assistant Superintendent Roger Jinks presented the Spring 2019 NJSLA results and reported moderate success. Four percent fewer students are scoring in the lower ranges, while there was a six percent increase in students scoring in the higher ranges. Algebra and geometry scores showed the most improvement.

Jinks stated that the district and its teachers will continue to analyze how to best meet students’ needs through the use of information systems, peer observation, and interdisciplinary work.

A brief public hearing was held on Superintendent Howe’s new contract. School board member Michael Stewart reports that the merit goals in the initial contract will be dropped at a tremendous savings to the district.

Student representative Mark Schmidt noted that the high school is enjoying one of its most successful sports seasons to date. Girls’ soccer, boys’ soccer, volleyball, and field hockey teams have all won their conference championships this year.

In their closing remarks, many board members expressed excitement over the sandbox and success of the district’s students. They also reminded everyone to vote on November 5.

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