The Lake Hopatcong Foundation is seeking a grant to purchase a 40-foot, custom-built, covered pontoon as their Floating Classroom which will hold full classes of students and other groups. The best part is free to you, and only requires a few minutes of your time to help make this happen.

Just Vote Online Daily to help bring this educational tool to our area!

This is a potential grant from “A Community Thrives (ACT), USA Today Networks’ nation-wide philanthropic program.” So we are competing Nationwide to win this grant from the USA Today Network, which means and we need everyone within the community, your friends, family and long lost cousins to help us vote and bring this educational tool to our area.

How this benefits the community:

With this grant the Foundation would purchase a 40-foot, custom-built, covered pontoon as our Floating Classroom which will hold full classes of students and other groups. As the best way to ensure healthy lakes in the future is to educate people today.

The Floating Classroom will bring hands-on lessons about fresh water ecology and watershed protection to life for thousands. Stocked with scientific equipment, students will engage in experiments which are an important component of the schools’ STEM program.

The Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom will open eyes to new sights and open minds to new career opportunities. The success of the Floating Classroom will be measured by evaluating sustained improvement in the understanding of key concepts, as well as positive feedback from students, teachers, and other groups on board. An expanded “footprint” of those we have reached – both geographically and in ages of students – would also be a sign of success of the program.

Help us get out the word and share this message today!

To vote, go here:

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