We are living in a time that many of us have not seen in many, many years, if ever. The coronavirus is a very scary thing for all of us. Social distancing is quickly becoming the new normal. While we have the resources to teach our children online, and to hold meetings virtually, it’s not always the optimal way of doing things. We humans are social animals by our nature and sitting in our houses all day is not what most of us want.

However, right now, at this moment, it’s the best thing for all of us. While many of us who may contract the virus will get past it with no significant long-term issues, we can’t take the chance of passing the virus to someone who is at a high risk. It is the responsibility of all of us to take care of our fellow citizens. However, the same social distancing that can save lives can also make everyday living difficult for many people.

Here’s the thing…here at The Jefferson Chronicle, we want to help. We know there are folks throughout town who may need help getting groceries or medications delivered. Or maybe there are kids who need a little assistance getting used to online instruction. Maybe you just read a terrific book or have a favorite Netflix show that you want to suggest to everyone.

Here’s the place to do it. Comment on our Facebook page or email us at newsroom@thejeffersonchronicle.com and let us know what you need or how you’re willing to help. Or just offer a great suggestion for something to read or watch. We will make sure the information gets out to your fellow Jeffersonians, and together we can get through this trying time as best as we can.

Please everyone, stay safe and healthy.

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