The JTHS administration, superintendent, PTA, staff, students, and community members were all present to reveal the renovated auditorium on Thursday, September 14. Before the renovations, the seats were falling apart, the ceiling was crumbling, and the room would heat up during performances and assemblies. In response to these problems, the Board of Education and JTHS administration worked together to install new seats, lighting, and sound, repaint and fix the walls and ceiling, add new flooring, and put in air conditioning.

Cheerleaders gathering to celebrate the occasion. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)

This path to a renovated auditorium began with a letter from the PTA in 2015, asking for the Board of Education to fix the problems in the auditorium. The PTA thought it was necessary to make these renovations because the auditorium is an essential part of the community and is used by a lot of different organizations. In two years, the Board of Education acted on this request and worked with the administration and custodial staff to make it happen over one summer.

JTHS Principal Timothy Plotts thanked the many people involved in this project and hoped that the community would cherish it as a source of Falcon pride. The Supervisor of World Languages, ESL, and Music, Derek Sica, said that the auditorium was “a hub for the community at large.” He hoped that everyone would come back to support the many different events that go on in the auditorium.

The renovated auditorium. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)

Choir Director James Wynne, Band Director Richard Barrieres, and Drama and Communications teacher Cara Schwimmer, cut the ribbon at the end of the ceremony, officially opening it to the public.

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