Up that ladder, wrung by wrung
Is a splendid world waiting of adventure and fun.

As adults we tend to act old, reserved, and bold.
We forget the simple pleasures, because our youthful souls have been sold.

If we only take a minute each day for play,
We may just be rejuvenated in some magically unexpected way.

Whether it be climbing up to a secret wooded place,
Or acting like a silly goof to put a smile on your face.

Or donning your 221 B Baker Street cap of sleuth.
Solving the greatest mysteries and rediscovering your youth.

My friend, my pal, my fellow reading buddy,
time to get moving and stop being a fuddy duddy.

Climb up that tree and be a pirate, a princess, and explore the unthinkable thinks.
Break out of your “this side up” boring box, because forgetting your inner child stinks.

Peace. Live Creatively.

Jason J. Nicholas

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