J-Town Tidbits: Did You Know That Jefferson Township Has an Emergency Alert System?

Graphic credit: Carol Punturieri

Jefferson Township residents are encouraged to enroll in Jefferson Township’s Honeywell Instant Alert System to receive emergency notifications regarding road closures, power outages, services available during storms, water main breaks, road closures, disasters, etc.  This system proved invaluable during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and is still a very valuable communication tool for the township to alert their residents.

Residents can choose what type of notification they would like to receive including email, text message, voice message, or land-line notification.  Residents should register a cell phone number in the event they should lose electricity and loose power to their land-line phone.  Select the text message notification to your cell at a minimum.

There is no charge for this service, it is absolutely free, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. The information is available on the township website’s home page www.jeffersontownship.net by scrolling down the page to the Honeywell Instant Alert icon or go directly to http://www.jeffersonpolice.com/documents/Instant%20Alert.pdf for step-by-step instructions.  You must use a Jefferson Township address when registering.

For residents unable to access a computer to enroll, please call OEM Recording Secretary and the Police Chief’s Administrative Assistant Shelly Ebbinghouser in the Jefferson Township Police Department at 973-208-6151 for assistance with enrollment.

When enrolling, residents can also sign up for Jefferson Township Recreation Department e-mail notifications to receive information about Township-sponsored events as well as for Jefferson Township Water and Sewer Utility notifications.

Don’t delay, sign up for the Honeywell Instant Alert System today so you can stay informed during a Jefferson Township emergency situation.

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