The Jefferson Township Tax Collection office makes it easy to pay your quarterly property tax bill online from the comfort of your home.  It’s safe and only takes a few minutes to do with the choice of authorizing a checking account ACH (e-check) payment or a credit card payment.

Log on to and chose the “On-line Services” tab in the dark green section and click on “On-line Tax Payments” in the drop-down menu or log directly on to to begin the process.  Either way, you will be prompted to enter your property’s block and lot number with your last name or company name.  The amount due for that particular quarter will be displayed for your review, and you can then choose your payment method.

Note that there is no extra fee to use the e-check method but there is a 2.50% convenience fee if you choose to use your credit card.  The convenience fee is collected to cover the merchant fees charged by the credit card companies plus the other costs associated with this service.  The system will automatically calculate and inform you of the convenience fee you will be charged before proceeding.

If using the e-check option, you will be prompted to enter your checking account number and bank routing number so be sure you have that information ready for input.  Otherwise, if choosing to pay with a credit card, you will have to have your credit card (MasterCard  or VISA only) in hand and be ready to enter your account number, the card’s expiration date, and the CRV code on the back of the card.

Payments received after 3 pm each day will be posted as of the next municipal business day. Interest, if due, will be calculated based upon the same 3 pm cut-off time.

When you complete the online process, you will receive a confirmation number and a digital receipt and it is suggested that you print this for your records. You should receive an electronic message confirming your initiation of payment through this online service. If you do not, you should call the Township of Jefferson Tax Collector’s Office.

If you  prefer, you can always write a check and mail it to the Tax Collector’s Office in the Jefferson Township Municipal Building, 1033 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849 or bring a check or cash in person to the office.  Always keep in mind the grace period that applies to payment of your taxes and above all, you want to avoid delinquency.

In any case, no matter how you pay your quarterly property taxes,  taxes are payable to the TOWNSHIP OF JEFFERSON on the first day of FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST, and NOVEMBER.  There is a 10-day grace period where the payment must be received in the office by the end of office hours on the last day of the grace period (post marks are NOT acceptable). After the grace period, taxes are delinquent and subject to interest back to the first day of that quarter. Payments received after business hours are posted on the next business day.

The Tax Collection Department’s regular office hours are Mondays through Thursdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm and Fridays from 8 am to 3:30 pm (summer hours are in effect between July 4th and Labor Day).  Department telephone numbers — Tax Collector Patricia Dale at 973-208-6106, Barbara Shepherd at 973-208-6107, and Kathy Hammond at 973-208-3627.

Paying your tax obligation in a timely manner helps saves the township money and keeps you in good financial standing with the township.

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