Jeanne Howe was appointed superintendent of schools, effective immediately, at a special meeting of the Jefferson Township Board of Education on Monday, June 25.

Howe had been appointed acting superintendent of schools at the board’s March 12 meeting, as reported by The Jefferson Chronicle, after former superintendent Patrick Tierney had been on medical leave for nearly two months. No further details on Tierney have been provided.

Prior to assuming the position of acting superintendent, Howe had served as the district’s assistant superintendent. The search for a new assistant superintendent is in progress and applications are being accepted.

The following post from Howe is published on the district’s website:

“At the June 25th Special Meeting of the Board of Education, I was appointed as Superintendent of Schools. As a member of the Falcon Family for the past fourteen years, I am honored to serve in this position.

“I began my career at Randolph Township High School twenty-four years ago as an Earth Science and Physics teacher for nine years, before becoming an administrator at Kittatinny Regional High School. At Kittatinny, I was the Assistant Principal in charge of grades 7-8, as well as the Community School Principal and Driver Education Supervisor. I started in Jefferson in 2004 as an Assistant Principal at JTMS. After two years in that position, I became the Principal of JTMS and served in that capacity for seven and a half years. Most recently, I was the Assistant Superintendent for the last four and a half years.

“I have seen many positive changes take place in Jefferson during my tenure here. I look forward to working with the school community to continue our commitment to excellence and to keep the district moving to reach even higher levels of achievement and success.”

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