The principals will change at all of Jefferson Township’s school buildings starting on July 1. The Board of Education voted in favor if the changes at its May 18 meeting. The changes are as follows:

Milton/Cozy Lake: Timothy Plotts (currently at JTHS)

Briggs: Randi DiBrito (currently at White Rock)

White Rock: Michael Valenti (currently at Briggs)

Stanlick: Kelly Cooke (currently at JTMS)

JTHS: Kevin Lipton (currently at Stanlick)

JTMS: New Hire

“In light of the hurdles the district is facing returning to school with COVID-19 health concerns, students lacking social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, possible concerns regarding student learning, and future budget cuts, it is in the district’s best interest to have the principals placed in the grade-level with which they have the most experience and expertise,” superintendent Jeanne Howe said. “I would like to thank the principals for their hard work and dedication to the schools they currently serve.”

Board member Amy Gould asked that the changes be tabled, as she felt that not enough information was provided to the board prior to the vote. Board vice president Stacey Poulas countered that information from the appropriate committee meeting was provided to the full board. The motion went forward, and Gould voted against the change.

In addition, the Return to School committee has been hard at work on considerations for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. The committee consists of administration, faculty, students, and parents. Howe stressed that nothing the committee does can be considered complete without further guidance from the state as to how school will reopen in September. However, the committee has considered the following areas:

  • Alternative scheduling, where students may work on A/B days or weeks
  • Alternatives to school day, where students may remain in classrooms and teachers rotate between rooms
  • Considerations for large group areas like the gym, library, band/chorus room, and cafeteria
  • Social distancing requirements with paraprofessionals and teachers who require proximity prompting
  • Health concerns, including temperature checks, arrival and dismissal social distancing, required PPE and monitoring, and medically compromised students and staff
  • Transportation issues, including amounts of students on buses, centralized bus stops, and traffic at school buildings if more parents drive students to school
  • Athletics, including if and how fall and winter sports will happen

The board also voted to give back three unused snow days. School will be closed on June 12, 22, and 23. The last day of school will be Friday, June 19.

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