The following was posted on the Jefferson Township School District website:

On March 3, Dr. Plotts, Mr. DiColo and seven of our high school students participated in the  Dover Jefferson Student Learning Summit, which took place at Dover High School.  The seven students who were selected to attend were from our student council and athletic advisory council.  Upon our arrival Mr. Franks, Principal of Dover High School, warmly greeted everyone and we enjoyed breakfast before starting the summit.

The summit began with Mr. Franks moderating a discussion on the differences between both student bodies and communities, as well as what both have in common.  A YouTube video was viewed, which highlighted some great student and professional athletes, who have made positive impacts, such as Mohammad Ali.  Dr. Plotts led a discussion about the incident which took place in January and how both schools and communities can move forward. The students shared personal stories about themselves and their roots within their community.  The Principals facilitated another discussion about recent events, which were held in Jefferson with positive outcomes such as the Debate Team and Cheerleading competitions.

The meeting concluded with an invitation being extended from the Jefferson students to the Dover students, to come and visit our high school in the near future.

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