On Monday, June 18, Jefferson resident Christina Baumann, 41, was arrested at Lakeside Field in Lake Hopatcong during a youth softball game. She refused to leave the field after being asked to do so by coaching personnel and law enforcement.

According to Jefferson Township police, Baumann was acting in a harassing manner toward a youth softball coach and then became violent toward a police officer. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault at a youth sporting event, resisting arrest, terroristic threats, and disorderly conduct.

Baumann was transported to the Morris County jail and kept overnight. A judge released her the next afternoon on the condition that she report monthly to the court’s pretrial services while the charges are pending. She must appear in Superior Court on July 13.

According to the Daily Record, Baumann is the owner of a landscaping service in Wharton and the mother of three children.

What Happened

According to court records, police officer Daniel Florio responded to a complaint about an adult woman arguing with a coach at a youth softball game involving children under the age of 16. The coach told police that Baumann, a parent, was asked to leave because of “unsportsmanlike behavior.” When Baumann responded “make me,” the coach called police.

Florio found Baumann sitting in a car, and she acknowledged saying “make me” to the coach. Leaving the car, she started walking back toward the coach. The court record indicates that the officer asked her to calm down and attempted to guide her away from a possible altercation with the coach by putting his hand on her shoulder. Baumann swatted and cursed at him while continuing to walk away.

The officer told the parent that she was under arrest and tried to gain control of her hands. “She continued to struggle, wiggling and pulling her hands from my grip, the entire time cursing at me and multiple times threatening to punch me in the face” before he was able to handcuff Baumann, Florio stated in an affidavit.

Information for this story was compiled from the Jefferson Township Police Department and the Daily Record.

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