Jefferson’s 118-acre Rockaway River Wildlife Management Area Addition is recommended to receive $565,000 of Morris County’s Open Space Trust Fund Committee grant. The county has recommended nearly $2.4 million worth of grants to be spent on 147 acres of land in six different towns in the county. 

This plot of land was recently acquired by the town, offering an opportunity to connect the county’s Mahlon Dickerson Reservation to the Newark Watershed. The land already has many trails that offer passive recreation opportunities and wildlife habitats.

These recommendations will be voted on at the Board of Freeholders meeting on November 20. The board has a record of approving these recommendations, and upon approval, the grant money will distributed to the six different projects accordingly.

The open space grants are funded by a tax that is less than 1 cent per $100 of assessed property value. The grant, which started in 1994, has helped preserve 12,247 acres in the county.

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