Christopher Castelluzzo, 33, of Lake Hopatcong pleaded guilty to leading a narcotics trafficking network. He could be sentenced to 21 years in prison for his role in a mail-order designer drug business.

An investigation into white supremacist groups in Atlantic City called “Operation Skin Deep” led to the drug ring’s discovery. According to New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, Castelluzzo was the leader who formed the ring. He and Luke Atwell, 37, of Hamilton, sold designer drugs and cocaine online and mailed them to buyers. The two ringleaders were charged along with 11 others.

During a search warrant execution, law enforcement officers found a quarter million dollars in cash, diamond jewelry, and gold bars. They also found a quarter kilogram of cocaine, numerous rounds of ammunition, firearm silencers, cocaine testing, cutting and packaging materials, and related equipment.

“This sentence sends a loud and clear message to narcotics traffickers that if you choose to profit by spreading addiction in New Jersey and fueling street-level crime with your drugs, we will come after you and you will face hard time,” said Grewal. “I commend the detectives and prosecutors who pursued all the leads to bring these defendants to justice, beginning with drug sales in parking lots and back rooms in Atlantic City and ultimately exposing a statewide drug network that relied on the internet and mail delivery to distribute its corrosive wares.”

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