In 2012, Jefferson Township became aware of the possibility of obtaining a relic of the World Trade Center Towers to be used as a memorial. Mayor Russell Felter made arrangements through Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen to obtain a section of a cross beam from the parking garage of Tower 1. The beam was transported from the interim storage facility at JFK Airport to the Jefferson Municipal Police Storage facility by the Jefferson Township Department of Public Works.

Mayor Felter made it known that he wanted the construction of a proper memorial to be part of a Boy or Girl Scout project. A local landscape contractor, Bill Rolstad, owner of Bill’s Scenic Landscaping volunteered his time, staff and equipment to construct the memorial.

After hearing of the project, Eagle Scout candidate Jonathan Dobbs volunteered to participate in the project. Jonathan is a resident of the Oak Ridge section of Jefferson Township. He was a 16-year-old junior attending Morris Catholic High School.

The plan was developed to erect the permanent memorial adjacent to the Veterans Memorial on the Jefferson Municipal Building property on Weldon Road. Jonathan needed very little supervision or direction from the Township. After the first design of the project was approved, he raised the necessary funds, recruited volunteer contractors, collected the donations of materials, and coordinated the construction through completion.

Jonathan’s abilities, dedication, perseverance, and diligence to detail have shown him to be an outstanding young citizen that Jefferson Township is proud of.

This story was contributed to The Jefferson Chronicle by the Office of Jefferson Township Mayor Russell Felter.

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