Dem Candidate for 11th Congressional District Joins Residents for Phone-Banking and Canvassing

Mikie Sherrill received a warm welcome from a packed audience of enthusiastic Democrats as she brought her campaign to Jefferson Township on Sunday afternoon.

The candidate for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives, was in town on September 23 to meet residents who came out to phone bank and canvass in support of her candidacy.

The event, part of a district-wide “Day of Action,” was organized by the local Democratic organization, which is under the leadership of Christine Clarke, Democratic Committee chair.

Sherrill addressed her concerns for residents of both the 11th District and New Jersey in general, which included the deteriorated condition of the state’s infrastructure. She also stressed her belief that all residents deserve quality, affordable healthcare.

In discussing the condition of New Jersey’s roads, bridges, and highways, she noted that most of the state’s workers are commuters. “It can take them up to two hours just to get to work,” she said, adding that it was an unacceptable reality.

Local Candidate Calls for Transparency

Local Democratic candidate for the town council – Dan Malloy, a U.S. Navy veteran – also addressed the group, noting that he was excited to see so many residents turn out for the event. “We are seeing more momentum” among local Democrats, he said, and thanked everyone for “stepping up.”

Malloy emphasized that his major concern regarding township government, which has been without a Democratic voice in nearly two decades, is lack of transparency. In reading three years’ worth of town council meeting minutes, he could find no in-depth information about governance. “We are just getting summaries of what is going on. The information is vague,” Malloy said, stressing that the township deserves bipartisan representation.

The event included about an hour of socializing and mingling with Sherrill, who stayed to meet one-on-one with residents, answering questions and listening to concerns. Some 40 residents remained following the event to canvass and phone bank for Sherrill.

“It’s been a positive year here,” Clarke commented. “As I have been knocking on doors, folks have been paying attention, are interested, and glad to have their votes requested,” she added.

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