Jefferson’s ‘Mr. Everything’ has won yet another award. The Falcons basketball star Mattie Johnson was named News 12 New Jersey’s Player of the Week for his outstanding play from January 6- January 12.

The senior averaged 25 points over the teams last five games leading the Falcons to victory in all five. With numbers like that it’s hard not to recognize the 6’4” 200 pounder.

“It’s a really cool honor to be recognized like this,” Johnson said. “My teammates have shared the ball really well all year and trusted me to score for the team. I’m just glad I’ve been able to do my job to help us win games.”

Johnson didn’t start the season the way he pleased in the first two games, as he put up smaller numbers scoring such as 13 and nine points. After a high ankle sprain kept him out of the team’s first win over West Milford, Johnson came back stronger than ever with back-to-back career high 31-point games.

The senior is now at 761 points on his career after adding a whopping 150 points in just seven games this year. “It would be pretty cool to get 1,000. It’s something I’ve always wanted but, at the end of the day wins are what matters,” Johnson commented on the 1,000-point milestone.

The scariest thing about Johnson right now? He isn’t 100 percent just yet. The ankle is still holding him back in the slightest; it seems his best is yet to come.

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