While the township is practicing social distancing to try and flatten the curve of coronavirus, it’s not always easy for young children to understand why they can’t be with friends. This is especially true if a little one has a birthday coming up. Now, Jefferson Township Fire Company No. 1 is here to help, as usual. Company 1 is joining other area departments in doing birthday stops in town upon request.

If you have a child with a birthday coming up during this time when families are practising social distancing and self quarantining reach out to Lt. Don Dopiriak Jr. at ddopiriakjr.jtfd1@gmail.com. The department will make every effort to arrange a convenient date and time slot to drive by with lights, sirens, and a special announcement to make your child’s special day a little more special during this difficult time.

Please note that during this time social distancing will be practiced and no contact with the truck can be made. We hope we can help to make your child’s day in this unprecedented time. Stay safe!

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