The Knee Deep Club has announced the winners of its Summer Hybrid Striper Bass Contest on July 13 and 4. There were 41 entries in the contest. The top three finishers were:

First Place: Lou Marcucci, Mt. Arlington, 8lb 13oz Striper, $408.00
Second Place: Jack Dziduch, Clifton NJ, 8lb 3oz Striper, $246.00
Third Place: Ed Mackin, Boonton, NJ 8lb 0oz Striper, $132.00

The following won a $20 Jefferson Diner gift card:

Fourth Place: Hunter Good 7lb 14oz Striper
Fifth Place: Fread Nitek 7lb 5oz Striper
Sixth Place: Eddie Mackin 7lb 3oz Striper

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