The Knee Deep Club’s annual spring walleye fishing contest drew 53 entrants over the weekend of May 18-19. The winners were as follows:

1: Jack Dziduch, Clifton (9 lb. 6 oz.) – $530
2: Albert Boulais, Winter Garden, Florida (7 lb. 6 oz.) – $254
3: Eddie Mackin, Sparta (5 lb. 13 oz.) – $212

$20 gift cards from Jefferson Diner:

4: Tom Sarnaki (4 lb. 1 oz.)
5: Bill Haase (3 lb. 8 oz.)
6: Mike Truglio (3 lb. 0 oz.)

The Knee Deep Club congratulates the winners and expresses thanks to all who participated in the contest, as well as to the Jefferson Diner for its continued support.

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