The Knee Deep Club’s annual spring trout and pickerel fishing contests were held on Sunday, April 14. The winners were as follows:

Trout Contest (51 entries)

1st Place: Jack Dziduch, Clifton (brown trout 9 lb. 6 oz.) – $510
2nd Place: Tyler La Mantia, Lake Hopatcong (brown trout 3 lb. 15 oz.) – $245
3rd Place: Frank Schweiger, Landing (tiger trout 13 oz.) – $164

$20 Gift Cards:

4th Place: Hunter Good (13 oz.)
5th Place: John Moran (12 oz.)
6th Place: Gary Bruzaud (11 oz.)

Pickerel Contest (53 entries)

1st Place: Justine Ameye, Randolph (3 lb. 14 oz.) – $423
2nd Place: Mike Rastiello, Roxbury (3 lb. 14 oz.) – $255
3rd Place: Fred Nitek, Lake Hopatcong (3 lb. 10 oz.) – $170

$20 Gift Cards:

4th Place: Justin Henriksen (3 lb. 14 oz.)
5th Place: Tyler La Mantia (3 lb. 3 oz.)
6th Place: Jim Salerno (3 lb. 3 oz.)

The Knee Deep Club congratulates the winners and expresses thanks to all who participated in the contest, as well as to the Jefferson Diner for its continued support.

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