The 15-2 Lady Falcons of Jefferson stole a Morris County Tournament win in a thrilling fashion down the stretch with a final of score 40-32.

J-Town was led by Ivana Tisma, who put together a 20-point performance including six free throws down the stretch to ice the game for the Falcons. Leah Demko also put together an impressive performance, as the junior tallied seven points as well as countless hustle plays and clutch rebounds for the Falcons.

The Falcons came out hot in the first quarter. As Jefferson was without Tisma in the first, Demko picked up the slack, adding four points early to get the Falcons a quick lead in the first.

When Tisma returned in the second quarter, it wasn’t as J-Town had hoped. The Dodgers went on a run in the second quarter holding the Falcons to just four points. Heading into half, the Dodgers had a 18-10 lead and all the momentum on their side.

The Falcons flipped the switch in the third. Jefferson started the quarter with a 9-0 run led by Tisma. That takeover would help them get back out in front after just six minutes of the second half. However, Madison would fight back and regain a three-point advantage heading into the fourth.

Then the Falcons sharp shooters would come to life. Quickly into the quarter, Tisma and junior Tayler Soules would nail back-to-back three pointers to get a one-point lead. The Dodgers and Falcons would fight back and forth in the quarter, but Tisma’s 11-point fourth would be too much for Madison. Tisma iced the game with six straight free throws to clinch the Falcons 40-32 win and a bid for a quarterfinals matchup. “I was in the same situation last year but I missed them so I knew I couldn’t let that happen again,” Tisma said.

The player of the game for the Falcons was an easy decision–Ivana Tisma. She scored half of the Falcons points while only playing three quarters and she was held in check for one of them. The 17-point half for Tisma was a major contribution for the Falcons, leading them to the victory over Madison. “I wanted to make up for the time lost and help contribute for the team,” Tisma said after missing some time due to a leg injury.

The girls have two games during the week against Roxbury and Morris Tech prior to their next county matchup which will on Saturday, February 15 at the four-seeded Villa Walsh.

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