Environmental Consultants PrincetonHydro will conduct a bathymetric survey to compare siltation in two coves on Lake Hopatcong.

The Lake Hopatcong Commission, at its Tuesday, November 12 meeting, approved a $7,500 contract with PrincetonHydro to examine siltation in a Jefferson Township cove downstream from Weldon Quarry and in Van Every Cove in Mount Arlington.

The unnamed cove near Prospect Point received heavy siltation last February when a broken pipe in a detention basin at the quarry sent silt into a stream that leads from the quarry site to the lake. Residents are concerned with continued siltation into the lake.

Commission Secretary Colleen Lyons said PrincetonHydro scientists chose the cove for comparison from a number they looked at around the lake. No representatives of the consulting firm were at the meeting, which occurred during the week of a national lake management conference.

Commissioner Robert Tessier, the state Department of Community Affairs representative, said the testing will have to be below the vegetative layer in the coves.

On another matter related to the quarry, the commission discussed the possibility of renting an air monitor to provide data on dust from the quarry.

Lyons said the commission would have to coordinate with the state Department of Environmental Protection to use an air quality monitor. She also suggested the commission partner with one of the municipalities. The quarry is mostly in Hopatcong Borough with small sections in Jefferson Township and Sparta.

The commission, municipalities, and DEP have received air quality complaints, but often by the time the state can send an inspector to the site there is nothing to measure.

Continuous monitoring would solve that problem, Lyons said.

She said the commission could rent a monitor for two weeks, one week upwind of the quarry and one downwind for contrast, for about $500 a week. There are weather stations in the area, so the commission would not have to get one.

In order for the air quality monitoring to be used to validate complaints, an expert would be needed, Tessier said.

Lyons said she would discuss that with the DEP.

Finally, the commission’s office space problem may be solved.

The commission has not been able to use office space at the Hopatcong State Park because of mold problems. Mount Arlington Mayor Michael Stanzilis offered the commission the first floor of the former Municipal Building on Altenbrand Avenue.

The building, originally a telephone building, was used by the township for years. The first floor was the municipal office and the second floor the police station before the police moved out. The borough has rented office space out in the past.

Chairman Ron Smith said there is room for office space and meetings and a separate staircase to the second floor so that space could be rented separately. He said Stanzilis did not mention a rental fee, but he assumes the commission would have to pay for utilities. There is a parking lot on the property as well.

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