The Land Use Committee of the Lake Hopatcong Commission arranged to divide the four lake municipalities between the two planners under contract with the commission.

Robert Tessier, the state Department of Community Affairs representative to the commission, chairs the Land Use Committee. He said this is an ideal time to discuss revising stormwater ordinances with the municipalities since they will need to upgrade their ordinances by March.

Tessier said the new ordinances should include stricter measures for new construction.

He also said the planners, Ken Snyder and Ken Newton, are working on matrices for each municipality, including the number of docks and other pertinent lake data.

Commission administrator Colleen Lyons said there may be new criteria for storm water when the municipalities initiate green infrastructure. She also said they may be able to make stormwater restrictions stricter because Lake Hopatcong is a unique resource.

Tessier said the commission is not getting plans for development in the watershed early enough to effectively comment.

Lyons said the commission can provide a checklist for items that impact the lake. Roxbury representative Richard Zoschak said his township has such checklists but planners and architects don’t pay attention to them.

Hopatcong representative Dan McCarthy said the commission can provide the municipalities with a checklist the boards can use to determine completeness. He said that should be discussed at the next meeting of the four mayors.


On another matter, McCarthy said he has a suggested update for Hopatcong’s ordinance controlling ice abatement apparatus. He would like the commissioners’ opinion on it before he sends it to the borough.

Lyons said she would provide copies to the commissioners.

McCarthy said he would approach the towns once the commission has commented.

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