What follows is the latest communication on coronavirus from Jefferson Township Mayor Eric Wilsusen:

Here is the latest update on the COVID 19 or coronavirus outbreak here in our community. Many messages have been going on our RAVE system and social media and as all know, this situation is ever-evolving. The Governor issued new restrictions on March 16, 2020. The order is posted on our webpage. The is truly unprecedented for all of us.

The message continuing to be said from all the conference calls and information the Township is receiving indicate that the main purpose of all the shut downs and closures is to limit exposure, reduce the community spread as to reduce the potential burden on our health care and hospital system. As mentioned previously, we are mostly concerned with our vulnerable, the aging with underlying health conditions and the immune-compromised population.

So far there still are no reported cases in Jefferson that we are aware of but expect there will be cases going forward. Once again, I see absolutely no reason to panic. Take common sense approaches, limit your exposures to others, especially if you have any of the vulnerable in your household. Grocery shop as you would normally and maybe have a few extra items on hand, but there is no need to hoard or panic buy!

We have closed municipal offices to the public to limit our employees’ exposure. Some municipalities have had to shut down completely and all had to self-quarantine for 14 days, and that is what we are trying to avoid. If you need some essential service, call or email ahead check our webpage at www. jeffersontownship.net for any online services and we will accommodate the best we can via appointment. If necessary, you may be asked some basic health questions. We have secure drop off box at the entrance of the municipal building for any payments that need to be made. Taxes and Utility bills can be paid online check debits incur no fee, credit and debit fees will be waived temporarily starting tomorrow.

Please continue to support our local buslnesses. With the shutdown ordered by the Governor, this is going to be rough for our service based businesses. Try and fit in a take-out meal or two like you would if you go out to eat on a regular basis.

If you have health concerns or questions, reach out to your local doctor first. Atlantic Health has a virtual screening you can call at 862-260-3199, or call our public health center at 973-663-0700. We have been getting calls about a coronavirus test kit. There is no plan to issue them to local health officials. Most are being distributed to hospitals then to physicians. There is talk of Countywide drive-through site, but none have been set up in Morris County as of yet.

Last, once again and foremost, look out for one another, check on the elderly, offer to pick up some items. I have seen many offering to volunteer to do so.

Hang tough, Jefferson!

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