To the Editor,

(In reply to, “Letter: Lack of Debate Interest a Disappointment.”)

Regarding the Town Council debate, I believe that recent statements made by members of the Democrat party are totally misleading and should be completely ignored.

After the primary and throughout the summer months, the Republican leadership was in communication with the Democrats via social media. At no time did the subject of the possibility of a debate ever come up.

The Republicans attend every Town Council meeting and would have been able to discuss and plan a debate on any of those dates. Contrastingly, the Democrats have chosen not to attend a single council meeting.

If the Democrats really wanted to have a debate before October, there were many occasions to plan one. In fact, the first request for a debate came on October 8. The Republican team responded to that request immediately, asking for diligence in preparing so that such a debate could be scheduled, advertised, and participated in. A tentative date to meet and plan the debate was scheduled for October 11; however, on October 9, the Democrat party sent an email backing out of the planning meeting.

New dates were being talked about to select when and where the council forum might be held. Another week passed. A meeting just to plan a debate was still not set on October 17.

I am sure the Democrats did not really expect residents to tell their children they could not go trick-or-treating because they were going to a political debate. It is clear the Democrats never really wanted to have a debate at all.

Jayson Kohut, Jefferson Township
The letter writer is the GOP Committee Chair.

Editor’s Note: This op-ed was submitted to our newsroom and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Jefferson Chronicle or its staff.

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