Happily married, owned our second home, two kids,  joined Milton United Methodist Church. I became a single mother of two, ages two and five.; leap of faith brought me here. If God sees you to it, He will see you through it.

Pre-Teen years, balancing work and motherhood, I joined the choir and my first small group. Parenting as a single mother was a challenge without a partner.

Enter the teenager, I learned phrases like “Hey, these are the house rules” and “I know what the truth is, so if you lie about it, there will be two punishments waiting for you.” These lines actually work. If you are not teaching children about life, someone else  IS.

Throughout their teens I received parenting help from our community. My mother was there when no one else was. Ala-non: let go and let God; Karate: be loyal, show sportsmanship, and have integrity; Therapy: do not forget about myself. We learned how to share;  Scouts: be prepared and kind; Attending church: patience, humble encouragement, love, and support around every corner.

Rule Number One in a parking lot was to stay by mommy.  Star Trek: NO ONE can guarantee the actions of another, McDonalds happy meal prize: ya get what ya get.

I took these pieces of advice and applied them with the hope that we can learn how to be successful, happy people. They may have “left the nest,”Motherhood – A Special Journey but they know they can return whenever they need to re-boot.

Lynette Daniels-Skok
Oak Ridge, New Jersey
May 8, 2017

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