The following is a letter from Jefferson Township High School graduate Scott McArthur, requesting the new auditorium be named in honor of retired English teacher Patrick Clancy.

Dear Dr. Tierney & Members of the Board,

As a Producer of theatre and a product of Jefferson Twp. schools, I was very happy to see that you recently renovated the High School auditorium. I purchased two plaques to be placed on seats, one for myself (I graduated in 1980) and one to honor my deceased sister who graduated JTHS in 1978. In my small way I am hoping that theatre and the arts continue to be an important curriculum offering at JTHS.

When I attended the school it was known regionally that JTHS produced some of the best high school theatre. In fact, people would attend shows at JTHS even though they had no connection to the town or it’s people to see quality local amateur theatre. Even though the theatrical process is a collaborative one, there was one man who was largely responsible for JTHS’s reputation, Patrick Clancy. He was a member of the English Department from 1971-2002 and although he wore many hats, he was known as The Director of Drama during his tenure at JTHS. Mr. Clancy understood the importance of the arts in a well-rounded academic curriculum and he demonstrated his innovative and creative spirit in all he did. I would also dare to say that his guidance was directly responsible for launching more JTHS students into theatre careers than during any other period of JTHS’ history. He was certainly responsible for my career direction. For these and many other reasons Mr. Clancy was one of the most beloved teachers during my time at JTHS and from comments I have read on social media, after I had graduated.

I would like to suggest or should I say nominate, that the Jefferson Twp. High School auditorium be named after Mr. Clancy and herby be called The Clancy Auditorium. To that end, I would be happy to supply you with other student testimonials, etc. that would support this nomination. Please advise me on your process.


Scott McArthur
New York, NY
October 17, 2017
A graduate of Jefferson Township High School, Class of 1980.

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