I met Will Felegi for the first time at one of our Republican Club meetings before he became president. I remember thinking how great it was to have a new member; our club was largely defunct at the time.

Will later became our club president on a promise to rebuild and reenergize the organization. We watched as appropriate changes were made, and remarked at how quickly our club grew. Today, many of our socials are standing room only. He also led our club in a grassroots GOTV effort that resulted in a massive turnout rivaling the 2016 election.

Will has the principles to represent the residents of Morris County in a way we can all be proud of. I truly admire his efforts to get people of all ages and backgrounds engaged in their communities. Will has my total devotion and I strongly encourage all Morris County Republicans to support him in the June 2019 primary for freeholder.

Matthew Decrosta, Jefferson Republican County Committee

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