New Zealand, we grieve with you and with Muslims throughout the world.

What words are left any more? What words are left to explain hatred? To comprehend it? As we dig down to the deepest core of our being, what words are left to express our emotions?

What words are there to describe the emptiness inside us as we face another vicious attack on innocent humans for being who they are? Despair, sorrow, anguish, desolation, hopelessness? Pain, grief, sorrow, melancholy?

We’ve used all these words and experienced their sensibility entirely too many times.

Our collective heart is breaking for the families and friends grieving the loss of loved ones who were innocent victims of the mass slaughter of Muslims at prayer in two Christchurch, New Zealand, mosques. Fifty men, women, and children were mercilessly struck down, targeted for simply being themselves. Twenty more prayerful Muslims are in the hospital recovering from serious wounds – some life-threatening.

We unconditionally denounce and condemn this massacre and all others like it. As Women in Unity, we celebrate diversity and reject absolutely such merciless inhumanity. We strive to seek out, promote, and nurture the positive human attributes common to us all, rather than dwell on the differences among us. Our strong desire is that others can find in themselves the will to embrace these values along with us.

We believe the carnage in Christchurch’s mosques is yet another heinous act committed in the name of a loathsome lunatic fringe that is perpetuating hate across the globe. We are stunned by the repellent revival of hate groups in our own country and shocked that such hate can travel to the farthest reaches of the globe … to a country like New Zealand, known for its tranquility.

Our hearts and deepest sympathies are with you, New Zealand, and with Muslims throughout the world as they mourn. We mourn with you.

Women in Unity
A local group of women fostering diversity

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