Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. More than 75,000 of the local book exchanges can be found in 88 countries around the world. Now two Little Free Libraries have popped up in Jefferson, thanks to a donation by the Jefferson-Sparta Rotary made possible through a grant by the Rotary Foundation.

One library has been placed at the Senior Center in Oak Ridge, while the other is at the pavilion in Lakeside Field in Lake Hopatcong (behind Dunkin’ Donuts on Route 15 South). Both small libraries will be filled with books to share after they have been painted.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world. Millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

According to the Little Free Library, children growing up in homes without books are on average three academic years behind children in homes with many books, even when controlled for other key factors. Little Free Libraries play an essential role by providing 24/7 access to books (and encouraging a love of reading) in areas where they are scarce.

All residents are invited to visit the Little Free Libraries in Jefferson. Take a book, give a book, and join the movement to share books – bringing people together and creating communities of readers.

The Little Free Library located at the Jefferson/Sparta Club Pavilion in Lakeside Field in Lake Hopatcong (behind Dunkin’ Donuts on Route 15 South). (Photo: Jefferson/Sparta Rotary Club/Facebook)

Erik Schaberick of Lakeside Hardware generously donated the stain for both little libraries, as well as replacement of the broken plexiglass. (Unfortunately, the Little Free Library in Lake Hopatcong has already been vandalized.) The Jefferson Rotary Club also expressed appreciation for John Burns and his staff in the township’s Park Department.

The Rotary Club has been involved in Jefferson since 1965. Among its many projects are the children’s holiday party as well as dictionaries for all third graders. The pavilion at Lakeside Field was built by Jefferson Rotarians in 1994. The club meets on first, second, and fourth Wednesdays at Portofino’s at 12:15 p.m. For additional information, contact president V. James Castiglia ( or Margit Rahill (

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