Jefferson Township High School graduate Madison Taylor Brown released her first EP called “Evergreen.” The now Liberty University senior produced the album using original songs about relationships, love, and reflecting on heartache.

Taylor called the album “Evergreen” because of its relationship to love and nature. She said that she used nature as a place of refuge to reflect on her heartache, but the evergreen also relates to love because of its everlasting nature.

“The evergreen tree lasts throughout the seasons,” Taylor said. “The same happens with our desire and search for love and to be fully known and fully loved.”

One of her favorite songs on the album is “Destined,” a song that has a hopeful nod to a committed and lasting relationship in the future. Another  song “Secretly Admire,” uses a lot of strings, including the timbre of the cello, which mimics the human voice. Taylor said that the strings help draw out heartache in the human experience.

Journey to the Album

Taylor’s path to the album was unexpected and unplanned. She had been pursuing music at County College of Morris before transferring to Liberty University with a more interdisciplinary focus on music and communications. This allowed her to have flexibility in her future career path, which she wanted since she knew that music could be an unstable career.

Going into her senior year, she didn’t know she would pursue a career in music, but she decided it would be better to do it in college when she’s surrounded by talented and passionate peers rather than after she graduated.

When she decided to make the album, she got connected to her former roommate’s boyfriend Corey Pavlosky, who was an audio engineer. Pavlosky was the lead engineer and founder of PipeDream Studios that helped produce her album.

Even though Taylor had a busy schedule, Pavlosky was able to accommodate her and gave her a lot of the creative freedom that she was worried she would lose by going to a studio. Over the course of two weekends in the fall of her senior year, Taylor recorded all six of her songs.

“It was an open door that God had given me,” Taylor said.

A Life of Music

In high school, Taylor did anything and everything related to music. She was in the musicals, chamber choir, the Madrigal, Jefferson Idol, the Talent Expo, and the list goes on with her experience. 

Before then, she always had music around her. In her childhood, she performed in the church choir, and in middle school, she joined the musicals and participated in the band program.

All of her experiences with music made it easy for her to write her own songs when she found the inspiration. From her emotional hardships and heartache, Brown wrote most of the songs on her EP during her time in high school.

The future in music

Brown’s first EP is just a small step in the direction of a career in music, but she said she’s willing to try to make it. Now, she’s spending her time trying to promote the EP by performing at local venues and selling her merch, both of which make an artist the most revenue. She also wants to produce another single or cover by the end of the school year to help promote her work more. 

In the coming years, she hopes to perform at bigger venues, become an independent artist, and earn enough money from being passionate about her art to have a stable income. Even though this may seem difficult, she learned one important lesson from creating this album that she hopes to take with for the rest of her musical career. 

“Be faithful in pursuing your art regardless of whatever circumstances you find yourself in,” Brown said. “If and when there is an open door, make sure you’re ready to walk through it.”
You can find her album on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Bandcamp by searching for Madison Taylor. You can also go to her website at or her music Instagram at Madison Taylor Artist.

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