Four loud and lively children ran around the dining area, filled with excitement at seeing a stranger in their doorway. The mother asked the quiet, shy one standing near her to introduce himself. This eighth grader, Daytona Turton, had a humble presence despite the commendable project he had undertaken.

After the passing of his grandfather, Daytona wanted to make something in his honor and memory. Inspired by his grandfather’s work in the armed services and the patriotism of his whole family, Daytona painted an American flag lawn sign made from forklift pallets that he had gotten from his mother’s friend.

This mini-project in memory of his grandfather quickly spurred Daytona into something much bigger. After making another flag for the American Legion hall in honor of the deceased, his artistic work attracted a lot of attention. With the help of his father, right in his own basement, Daytona created and painted more than 100 American flag signs for residents of the community.

One of the American flag lawn signs Daytona makes in his basement. (Photo: Kalen Luciano)

His mother, Dawn, said, “From a relatively quiet 13-year-old, that’s big. He’s already doing so much for the community and spreading so much patriotism through his work at such a young age.”

“I just did this to make people happy,” Daytona explained. His next project will be creating smaller signs that can be used in cemeteries.

Those interested in buying a sign can contact Daytona at 973-896-8222. He sells them for $22 to cover the cost of supplies.

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