Martial Arts Academy Scene of Training

Ray Lucas, of Trinity Martial Arts and Krav Maga in Lake Hopatcong, periodically presents self-defense classes centered around an active shooter.

“Most events have been people with guns,” he pointed out on Friday, August 3, at his Hurdtown dojo. “Firearms prevention gets all the attention,” he said, but people are not taught what to do if they encounter a gunman.

Photo: Jane Primerano

Not surprisingly, running and hiding are at the top of the list. Sometimes, however, there is no escape route or safe place of concealment. In other situations, a person may need to assist a family member in another room or another area.

Lucas demonstrated methods to disarm someone with a revolver and then with a long gun. The most effective moves are from behind, but he had the group practice approaching from the side as well. He taught them how to knock the “gunman” down from behind and disarm him from the front. Lucas used an AirSoft laser gun to show where the gunman could aim if approaching from the front.

The smallest student was Kiara Perez-Wolters, 9, who managed to knock down men who were much bigger.

Photo: Jane Primerano

Each student tried the moves slowly at first, and then faster.

Trinity Martial Arts and Krav Maga is located at 5 Bowling Green Parkway, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey 07849. They can be reached by calling 973-493-3546.

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